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All important Information about the COVID-19 regulations for visiting us you will find here:

As of 10th of June 2021

Good news...

Du to the current COVID-19 regulations of the Austrian government we were allowed to open our Restaurant Branderhofstube back up and from the 21st of May.
Always Fridays until Sundays from 10am until 5pm

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon again!

Protective Measures Wildlifepark

  • you don't need to register before visiting our Wildlifepark
  • FFP2 maskes are mandatory at the entrance area, toilets and our Streichlstadl (animal barn)
  • please keep 1 meter distance to all other visitors
  • please avoid group formations
  • please wash and desinfect your hand regularly, we provide desinfection container at our entrance area, toilets
  • no shaking hands
  • only limited people are allowed to enter our Streichlstadl - inside our Streichlstadl you have to wear a FFP2 mask, no guided feeding for children at the moment

Protective Measures - Restaurant Branderhofstube & Terrace

  • You need to be vaccinated, cured or tested of the SARS Covid-19 virus to have a drink or meal at our restaurant, please adise our staff.
  • FFP2 mask required in the inside areas! Once you sit down at your table, you are allowed to remove it.
  • Please check in with the QR code at your table or in written form for the guest registration due to the COVID-19 regulations!
  • Inside area: Maximum of 8 adults + minor children allowed per table. Outside area: maximum of 16 adults + minor children allowed per table.
  • 1m distance to other customers!
  • Please wash and desinfect your hands regularly!

We adjusted everything to the regulations of the Austrian government.
Thank you for your understanding.