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Visitor regulations

! When you purchase an entry ticket, you automatically agree to our visitor regulations. To ensure your safety and the safety of our animals in the park we ask you to comply with the rules without exception !

* You enter our outdoor enclosure at your own risk.
* No liability can be accepted for injuries or damage to human beings or dogs.
* In the event of misconduct of our regulations you will be expelled from the park.
* Please keep your distance from our deer (that is raoming around free in the park) don't touch or pet them!
* Please do not leave the marked walkways! Please do not feed our animals!
* Food and picknicks are forbidden in our park!
* Please be respectful of our animals!
* Dogs on a leash are allowed, at your own risk! Please make sure to stay on the marked walkways with your dogs and have them on a short leash as there lots of animals roaming around free in our Wildlifepark.
* Bikes, handcarts, scooters, tricyles, etc are not allowed in our park!
* Please despose your cigarette buts, doggy bags and rubbish in the designated bins at the entrance area, not inside the park - it cud be really dangerous for our animals!
* Parents are liable of their own children! Children under 16 years old are only allowed with a supervisor/guardian in our park!
* You are allowed to take photos in our Park for private use. Commercial photos and videos are only allowed with an agreement of our Manager. Please consult our Manager before you enter the park. Drones are not allowed!* * You are not allowed to take antlers or feathers from our animals at the park. They can be purchased at our ticket office!
* In the event of misconduct Family Pletzer or our park staff can expel you at any time from our park!

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you an unforgetable visit to our Wildlifepark!
Your Wildlifepark Team

Visitor regulations as of: January 2019

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